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Below, you can find the available manuals for the Micrelec solutions.
You can download them by clicking them.

Micrelec LMS, Local Management System

LMS kassafacil NL screenshot     LMS station NL screenshot

Micrelec LMS allows you to remotely manage your gas station and the shop. 
There are different manuals for each separate module.

LMS cash register facilities

Module for the management of the shop.
Download the manual here.

LMS Local Accounts

Module for the management of the local loyalty cards.
Download the manual here.

MADIC Konnectr OPT

 KONNECTRscreenshot LR

Konnectr OPT gives realtime information about the functioning of the payment terminal(s).
Download the manual here.

Micrelec TMS, TeleManagement System

TMS screenshot

This back office system allows you to manage multiple gas stations from the head office.
Download the manual here.

Micrelec WinPOS

WinPOS screenshot

POS software for the management of the forecourt and the shop.
Separate manuals for the manager and for the operator.
Download the WinPOS manager manual here.
Download the WinPOS operator manual here.

Micrelec Petrol 24/7

Petrol 247 laptop LR

Petrol 24/7 is a SaaS (Software as a Service) Web application that allows you to monitor one or more gas stations via the cloud.
Download the manual here.