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  • Opening hours: 08:30 - 17:00
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Micrelec is always looking for talent ...

For most of us, refuelling is boring, but unavoidable...

But maybe soon you will see - as we do - the exciting and challenging, innovative world of technology that's behind it ! Because when the nozzle is lifted out of its holder at the petrol pump, a whole series of technological processes come into play that allow you to fill up your car and pay outside or in the shop without any problem.

Micrelec develops, distributes, installs and maintains site controllers, POS systems, back office applications, payment terminals and management systems, in the cloud or otherwise. We are also active in the newer markets of electric charging and mobile payment.
We have a strong market position in Belux and are working on gradual international expansion.

Our people are here to stay. There is a good collegial and informal atmosphere, and this is reflected in the relationship with our customers, independent stations and also international oil companies, with whom we usually work very closely. Our customers value us for our dedication, flexibility, authenticity and customer focus.

Micrelec is growing and therefore we are urgently looking to strengthen our team.